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Evidence-based mobile programmes to increase employee emotional resilience.

Give the world's first evidence-based resilience programme a try. Everyone in your organization can participate, because all it requires is a smartphone.

The Business Case For Promoting Resilience

“As a result of investing in the emotional resilience of their employees, the companies profiled here [in this report] have enjoyed lower absence-related costs and reduced insurance claims; enhanced employee morale and engagement, performance quality, productivity and corporate reputation.”

Download and read the whole report here: The Emotional Resilience Toolkit, Business in the Community

How it works

SOMA Analytics’ 21 day programme is designed to increase mental resilience and reduce the risk of depression, anxiety & stress. The mental resilience programme builds on two essential pillars:

Turning the smartphone into
a measurement device

Participants measure their well-being through their smartphone. The SOMA app assists in assessing sleep quality and emotions in speech.

Personalized Interventions

Based on these measurements participants receive personalized tips and feedback how to increase mental resilience. Tips are evidence-based and concern sleep hygiene, happiness, mindfulness and personal productivity.



We combine state of the art mobile technology with proven psychological methods from the fields of occupational & positive psychology to provide evidence-based interventions. Please request a demo if you would like to learn more about our evidence base.

Easy to Use & Engaging

We focus on small and attainable changes in lifestyle to maximise engagement. A behaviour change is attained through

  • Personalization: Interventions are tailored to the individual needs.
  • Gamification: A personal “Energy Budget” quantifies personal resources.
  • Closing the feedback loop: Data is fed back to reinforce a healthy behaviour change.

Easy to Deploy & Everyone Benefits

As an HR manager you can deploy the programme to every employee in your organization within seconds. Other than a smartphone there are no additional devices needed. No matter how big your company might be and independent of the level of seniority of your employees, everyone benefits.

About Us

SOMA Analytics is a company based in London’s TechCity and supported by leading universities, researchers & clinicians in the fields of sleep medicine and occupational psychology. Together we have the vision to build evidence-based mobile health programmes that really make a difference for you and your employees.